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Founded in 2015, the Diplomatic Hub is a student-led project that provides an interdisciplinary forum for those interested in global politics and diplomacy. Throughout the academic year we organize events with academics, diplomats, and other professionals working in the field of international affairs. We have also run crisis simulation workshops and field trips. Through these events we hope to engage students beyond their academic programme, provide valuable career advice, and shine a light on the complex world of diplomacy. We are self-funded and welcome any support to continue the project.

Upcoming Events

Workshops, talks, interviews, and webinars.

Jonathan Marcus

Post-Pandemic Geopolitics: Is There a New Cold War Between the US and China?

28 January at 6:00 – 7:00 PM

Online talk and Q&A (Zoom) 

Jonathan Marcus has had a long-standing career in broadcasting as a defence and foreign policy analyst. He joined the BBC World Service in 1985 and has worked across radio, television and online. First employed to write about arms control, strategic issues and US foreign policy, he served as Defence Correspondent with the BBC World Service and subsequently as BBC Diplomatic Correspondent. For the past decade or so he has combined both roles. Jonathan began as a correspondent just before the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait and moved to the Diplomatic brief just after the end of the Iraq War which he covered from CENTCOM in Qatar. He reported on two wars in the Gulf and the western interventions in the Balkans. He has travelled extensively in western and eastern Europe; the wider Middle East and the United States. Jonathan also retains a strong interest in domestic US politics: the future of the US city; and in populist and far Right politics in the US and Europe.  He holds a PhD from the University of Leeds, subsequently published as The National Front and French Politics: The Resistible Rise of Jean-Marie Le Pen. He has contributed dozens of articles to journals, including International Affairs; The World Today; The Washington Quarterly and  provided almost daily commentary and analysis for the BBC website since the early 1990s. Jonathan has lectured at the SSI in the past and looks forward to becoming more involved in its activities.

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