Meet the Committee

Sarah-Ann Lim


I am the Co-President of the Diplomatic Hub this year and a second year Politics and International Relations student. Having grown up in Singapore, I appreciate the value of strong bilateral and multilateral ties in the growth of a nation. My interests lie particularly in South-East Asian politics, particularly in the areas of trade and defence. I am looking forward to making pertinent political issues more accessible and approachable for the wider university population.


Francesca Descher


Having been the Treasurer for the 2019/2020 committee, I am now looking forward to taking on the role of Co-President. I am especially interested in Foreign Policy Strategy and how it shapes international relations. I am excited for the DiploHub’s presence to increase amongst students interested in foreign affairs at the University of Exeter and also within the wider academic community.

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Pierre-Louis Le Borgne


I am the Treasurer of the Diplomatic Hub this year and in my third year, studying PPE. Having traveled a lot growing up as well as lived abroad, I have developed a strong interest in International Relations. My current academic interests lie in military strategy as well as in the role of religion in international affairs.                                                                                                                                                                                                    


Bethan Richards


I am a second year History and French student. Having worked in multicultural non-profit organisations I was eager to join The Diplomatic Hub. My academic interests lie in international development and human rights. Through my role as one of the Event Managers, I am excited to organise events which will help the student community engage in diplomacy and international affairs.                                                                                   


Maeve Berry


I am a History and International Relations student in my fourth year. I have lived in Luxembourg, China, France and the UK. I value diplomacy’s role in proving the world is wonderfully complex and fantastically ambiguous. My academic interests lie in international social justice and Asia-Pacific politics, trade and defence. As your Events Manager, I would like to bring esteemed international figures and organisations one step closer to you.


Georgia Mealings


I’m a third year studying History and International Relations. My interest in foreign affairs began as a teenager and has been cemented by time spent travelling and working abroad. Primarily my focus is security studies, particularly exploring critical approaches and the gender dynamics of conflict.  I believe our generation has grown up in an age where adopting a global perspective is more important than ever.     


Ellie Giraudon

Journal editor

I’m a third year International Relations student. My main academic interests lie in regional politics, specifically North Africa and the Middle East, focusing on social justice issues within these contexts. I’m excited to be the Journal Editor to create an accessible Journal for those wanting to understand the global political and social landscape, and the major issues we face today. 


Kirsty Duncan


I’m a first year studying Politics and International relations. Having grown up in a multi-cultural environment around people from a range of backgrounds and experiences, I have gained an interest for the world outside my own. I am particularly interested in development, and the comparative case studies in East Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. I look forward to playing a role in broadening student’s perspectives through our events and the fascinating insights of our various guests.


Sam Hughes


I’m currently in my first year as a History student and am one of the Diplomatic Hub’s Freshers’ Reps. Despite its importance to our global society, diplomacy is an area that doesn’t always get the attention it deserves and so I’m looking forward to promoting key themes and issues within the university community. I am particularly interested in the management of ethnic conflicts and also refugee diplomacy.