South China Sea Crisis Simulation
23 february, 2018

The second ‘crisis simulation’ workshop hosted by the Diplomatic Hub and the Security and Strategy Institute.

UK-Poland Relations
14 november, 2017

We were honoured to welcome the Polish Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Arkady Rzegocki!

This event was organised in collaboration with the University of Exeter’s Polish Society, which we found to be a great and interesting society to cooperate with.

His Excellency, Arkady Rzegocki held a short, yet insightful talk about the history of Polish-British relations as well as how Brexit has and will impact the two countries’ relations in the future.

After the talk, the room was opened for questions, the audience impressing with interesting questions for the Ambassador, such as whether there is an explanation for increased Polish migration out of the country despite a growing economy.

After the talk and Q&A there was opportunity for networking.

It was great to see so many interested people at the event, and that a number of people not affiliated with the University of Exeter came too!

On Nuclear Diplomacy
19 october, 2017

The Diplomatic Hub’s first event of the year saw the talented Dr David Blagden inform and enlighten his audience on nuclear affairs, touching on contemporary examples and case studies such as the UK, US and North Korea.

Dr Blagden also attempted to answer the question ‘What to do if diplomacy fails?’, giving his thoughts on this subject. This is especially relevant in the current times of crisis coming from North Korea.

After his lecture came a a 30 minute long Q&A session, with many members of the audience asked interesting, thought-provoking questions, and were hopefully satisfied with the answers they were given!

We thank you for coming!