Christina Tribble

In Conversation with Christina Tribble
24 MARCH, 2022

The Diplomatic Hub welcomed current Cultural Attaché at the U.S. Embassy, Christina Tribble, for our last guest speaker event of the academic year. Christina has served 18 years as a US Diplomat, with tours in Haiti, Australia, Cuba and Pakistan prior to her time in London.

Across the talk and Q&A, we touched on issues from promoting democracy in authoritarian states and the nature of the ‘US-UK special relationship’, to the lifestyle opportunities and challenges of a diplomat. All of these were backed up by a range of humorous personal anecdotes. 

A group of students also had the opportunity to go for drinks with Christina in the beautiful setting of the Ram!

We would like to extend a big thank you to Christina for taking the time to visit us in Exeter and wish her well for her new posting next year!

Christopher Langton

Conflict Diplomacy
21 MARCH, 2022

With the context of Russia’s continuing aggression in Ukraine, we were fortunate to host Christopher Langton, the Head of the ICRA and a Russia specialist. Among other appointments he has previously worked as an independent expert on the international investigation into the Russia-Georgia conflict of 2004 and brought key comparisons and insights between the two wars. 


Christopher gave an informative and enjoyable talk based on a summary of his work with the ICRA and drawing on insights from his incredible career in Conflict Resolution and Analysis. Which included many entertaining anecdotes. This talk was followed by an interesting discussion on the Russian war in Ukraine, reflecting on themes from the talk. It was fantastic to host an in-person speaker again as this allowed for significant audience participation and discussion throughout the talk. 


Thank you so much to Christopher and everyone who attended given this busy time in the academic year.

Jessica Buchleitner

The Many Avenues of Diplomacy
7 MARCH, 2022

Ahead of International Women’s Day, we had the privilege of hosting journalist and equality diplomat, Jessica Buchleitner. Jessica is the author/curator of the award-winning 50 Women anthology series and served in various ECOSOC United Nations interfacing civil society roles for 12 years, including with a leading NGO driving the “Cities for CEDAW” campaign. She is currently plotting the relaunch of Women News Network (WNN) as a CUNY Entrepreneurial Journalism Creator.

Calling in from Germany, Jessica talked students (many of whom attended our in-person stream) through the insights and perspectives she had gained throughout her career. Drawing on her experiences across three major sectors, she provided lots of transferable advice for students and also took time to listen to students’ opinions and questions, sharing her thoughts on issues ranging from UN diplomacy to workplace behaviours.

Thank you to Jessica for giving this informative and humorous talk, and also to everyone who attended online and in-person at what is a busy point of term.

Syed Abbas

Politics of Multisectoral Partnerships: Debates around disease, development and sustainability
22 Feburary, 2022

We were delighted to be joined by Syed Abbas, a well-known physician and a public health researcher with more than 10 years of experience working on zoonotic disease policies in South Asia.


The talk entailed a thoroughly informative insight into the complexities of multisector partnerships. With reference to his background in Indian zoonotic research, he gave insight into the contested nature of collaborations regarding the discourses around disease, development and how this links to the theme of sustainability. Considering ‘one size never fits all’, Abbas advocates for the importance to shift public health narratives and wider public policies on development issues towards an integrative approach to partnership for a sustainable collaborations, across different scales, countries, disciplines and sectors. He further emphasises the relevance of these debates towards the future of diplomacy and governance.

Unfortunately we didn’t have an opportunity to interact with him in person, due to unforeseen circumstances. Still we would like to thank Syed Abbas for making time for us in his busy schedule to film an informatie talk. Regardless, we hope to have him back in the near future.

If you have further queries regarding the topics addressed, please feel free to reach out to Abbas! 
Email: sabbas@ids.ac.uk & @abs014

Abbas has also kindly sent us the powerpoint used for the recording for your reference, as shown below.


Global Student Diplomacy Conference​
20 NOVEMBER, 2021

The Diplomatic Hub were delighted to attend Dojoko’s Global Student Diplomacy Conference on November 20th. Featuring over 25 student associations, the conference enabled members to meet like-minded individuals from all over the globe to share experiences and advice, and expand their networks.

The conference was attended by numerous diplomats, mainly based in the Netherlands, who presented on topics ranging from Huawei’s communications policy to diplomatic negotiation strategies. Speakers included Mark Pace (Maltese Ambassador to the Netherlands), Richard Spaans (Head of Communications and Public Affairs at Huawei, The Netherlands) and Hans van den Berg (President of the Young Diplomat and Erasmus University Council Chair). 

We would like to thank Dojoko for inviting us to the conference and look forward to announcing some exciting international collaborations shortly!

Katy Reid

A Career in Diplomacy
16 NOVEMBER, 2021

We were delighted to be joined by Katy Reid, Director of Communications for the British Embassy Madrid. The talk entailed a thoroughly informative insight into Katy’s own career, her choices and progression to the position she is now. Moreover, she delved into the challenges and difficulties it took for her to enter the FCO, the language opportunities presented to her and her future aspirations. 

Conducted through Zoom we were joined by on-line members and streamed the talk live to a group of in-person students. 

Particularly helpful was the Q&A session conducted which allowed members of the DiploHub to ask Katy questions and seek advice on entering a career in diplomacy. This was conducted via Zoom chat box questions and from in-person attendees. Katy’s candid honesty about work-life balance, expectations and flexibility within a job in diplomacy was of particular help. 

We would like to thank Katy Reid for making time for us in her busy schedule and her attentiveness to consideration taken in shaping an informatie talk.

Lord Robin Teverson, Dr Ricardo Safra de Campos and Dr Travis Coan​

COP26 and Climate Diplomacy Panel
2 NOVEMBER, 2021

We were delighted to be joined by Lord Robin Teverson, Dr Ricardo Safra de Campos and Dr Travis Coan on November 2nd to discuss COP26 and wider themes of climate diplomacy. 

Whilst all panellists stressed the importance of decisive climate action, it was interesting to hear the different perspective they each brought. Lord Teverson provided an insight into numerous policy initiatives and management strategies; Dr Safra de Campos elaborated on his research on climate change and migration in developing countries, and Dr Coan talked us through the contributions of climate change scepticism and environmental intelligence to the formulation of environmental policy. 

It was brilliant to see how engaged the audience were with the discussion. Much of the audience Q&A focused on the actionable steps young people can take to influence environmental policy, and audience members and panellists exchanged ideas with each other on this theme. 

We would like to thank the three panellists for sharing their time and contributions.