Meet the Committee
Sam 2

Sam Hughes


I am really looking forward to another year with the DiploHub after my time on the committee last year. I am a second year History student with a particular interest in refugee diplomacy and conflict management in the Middle East. As President, I am looking forward to expanding the sense of community within the DiploHub and making important diplomatic issues more accessible.

Kirsty 2

Kirsty Duncan

Vice President & TREASURER

I am a second year Politics and International relations student. Having been a Freshers representative in the 2020/2021 committee, I am now looking forward to taking on the role of Treasurer. I am excited to help put on more in-person talks and social events this academic year. I am particularly interested in looking at topics and parts of the world less focused on by the mainstream news and hope to put on events this year that will broaden the perspective of Exeter students.


Libby Borley


Hi, my name is Libby and I am a second year student interested studying International Relations and English with an interest in Eastern European and Russian conflict. As the Events Manager I look forward to connecting students with international minds and inspiring conversation about global affairs in our ever changing world.


Natasha Whitrow

Engagement Officer

I am a third year student studying History and International Relations. As well as my academic studies my interest in international affairs has grown through time I have spent travelling and living abroad. I am particularly interested in how the effects of Climate Change will continue to impact international affairs. As The Diplomatic Hub’s Engagement Officer I look forward to sharing my passion for international affairs with a growing community.


Alyssa (Man-Ching) Hua

Marketing Officer

I am a History and International Relations student in my third year. My academic interests lie in development, especially the idea of exchanging bottom-up approaches and research to tackle complex global issues in the agriculture, environment and health sectors. Through my role, I would like to help bridge the gap between you and inspiring figures from across the globe.


Siobhan Bahl

Journal editor

I’m going into my third year studying English Literature. Throughout University I have focused on writings of activism, globalisation and postcolonial thought. It is my belief that communications of all forms from different disciplinary backgrounds offer key insights international development and affairs. My interests lie particularly in migration and the effect this has on international borders. I’m excited to help develop an exciting and inclusive journal that sparks discussions across our readers.


Emma Alabi


I am First Year Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) student with a keen interest in building and maintaining of diplomatic relations in Africa. As Freshers’ Rep, I am eager to faciliate the liaison between my few First Years and the great Diplomatic Hub community. Whilst actively participating in the organising of events, I am looking forward to discussing underrepresened topics, gaining insgith from the experienced, and overall being in the company of those with whom I share similar interests and goals.